Hacking The Afterlife podcast

Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Edgar Cayce, Doris Stokes and a dolphin

March 26, 2021

Tonight's podcast starts off with a general discussion of staying healthy during Covid. A recap of the conversation with Dr. Jonas Salk from a year ago where he recommended drinking elderberry, aloe vera and acai juice to prevent Covid (published in April 2020 on RichMartini.com)  Then Edgar Cayce stopped by to talk a bit about his council of doctors who he used to help heal people on the planet, and how they are always accessible to everyone.

Then Luana Anders, our moderator was asked if someone wanted to come forward and Jennifer got an image of the woman, knew who she was but could not get her first name. That's key - because she got it wrong at the beginning... "Mavis" was the name she heard. So I called her Mavis and asked her why she showed up in our class and on our podcast to chat.

She said she wanted to point out that it was much harder than we were making it out to be for people to access their loved ones on the other side, and that might cause some consternation.  And then Jennifer looked up her name and recognized it - the famous medium Doris Stokes (who died in 1987). 

I hadn't heard of her - obviously as I asked her why she came by to chat with us, or if she just wanted to criticize our podcast... obviously if Jennifer knew who she was up front, she would have said her name "Doris" and not "Mavis." And obviously if I knew she was going to come by I would have done a little research to ask her questions.

I see from her Wikipedia entry that fans of the Amazing Randi spent time discrediting her - all I can say about that is we talked to Randi, the podcast with Randi is up on MartiniZone.com and anyone can hear Randi apologize for being such a tool of the skeptics of the world.  Like Houdini debunking many shady psychics in his day - he too is quoted (in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside") that his impression of the flipside changed once he got there.

All we can do is report.  Finally, we have a chat with a dolphin - no request came to do so, but I had a compelling email from a woman on Quora whose life has changed since her swimming with them, and she felt like she was "home" when she did so.  It would take a few conversations with someone like this dolphin to get to a consensus about what he was saying - that they're much wiser, older and more sane than humans.  But I suspect we always knew that anyway. 

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