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Happy Birthday Luana!  Luana Anders is our pal on the flipside who moderates our conversations with folks on the Flipside.  In this case, we began by chatting with her about what that's like to celebrate someone's birthday over there.

Some sad news, my dear brother Jeffry passed away last week, and his son Johnny and I had the task of handling those details.  There were unknown elements to what happened, so as an example, I asked Jennifer to address those issues as she would with law enforcement when they call her to work on cases pro bono.

The point is - it gives us a place to examine and move from. The police at the scene couldn't have been more generous and compassionate - and walked us through the process.  Since there was no signs of foul play or forced entry, etc, they determined that it was caused by a fall, or some other event.

He clearly had fallen - and that's where he was found a week later.  He will be cremated and a celebration of his life will happen in Chicago, as well as burial at a National Cemetery as he was active duty in the Army (Lt. JG) during the Vietnam war. He led a interesting life - and on more than one occasion told me what he wanted me to do upon his demise.  So now we're doing it.

However he didn't know that by this time, I'd be talking to people on the other side on a regular basis. I'm glad to hear from him, and hope this podcasts doesn't offend too many folks.

It is what it is.

And yes, the writer of "Under the Banner of Heaven" wrote for the show Big Love, for Bill to show up and talk about it wasn't unusual for us - check out the film TALKING TO BILL PAXTON on Gaia - Jennifer is in it as well, her many times chatting with Bill.

Thanks for tuning in.

Another mind bending episode chatting with the flipside.

Had no idea, no agenda as we always do when doing the podcast. I begin with a shot out to my pal Iris Libby, "AskIrisLibby.com" - Iris and I did a guided meditation which revealed Harry and Greta's conversation from last week.

Then I asked our moderator Luana Anders what she wanted to talk about. To address the question, she first put an opera singer in Jennifer's mind, then a performance of "Romeo and Juliet" she had seen recently.

I asked if was an opera singer who wanted to speak with us (could be anyone from Pavarotti to Lanza) or if it was the playwright (Verdi, Rossini, etc.)  Jennifer said "It's the writer of the play."  

Then she paused and said "Will Shakespeare."

For those familiar with "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" they know that we've already interviewed Will - talked to him about his life and his journey and his plays, and who rewrote them, or how much they were rewritten - and the reasons behind them.  It was mind bending, as he mentions William Blake as being someone he works with often - someone who lived centuries later.  We chatted with Blake then as well.

But in this instance, he wanted to speak about the recent revelation that SCOTUS is about to overturn a woman's right to safe abortions.  He started by observing that "men in power have always done these kinds of things since the dawn of history."  I asked him to clarify his comments, and he does.

Then Prince showed up and spoke eloquently about the topic - pointing out that if "abortion had been legal he wouldn't have been on the planet." (I've never heard that before - or am aware he spoke of it anywhere else, but it is the other side of the coin.)

I asked him if that would have stopped him from becoming who he became, and he said "No, as that was part of my contract."  So - the point is that people need to examine how incarnation works, the process of coming to the planet, how people bring a portion of their conscious energy to a lifetime, but do not arrive before the fourth month of gestation.  

Jennifer mentions that in her 4000 sessions, every time the topic has come up, the person learns that their child they didn't have still exists, is there for them on the flipside. Keeping an eye on them, or coming via another method. In the seven years we've done this kind of work, that has been mentioned often.

I pointed out that Harry Dean Stanton, Elvis and Jimi Hendrix all recounted being met by a child they were supposed to have but did not.  We realize how the process works - we realize that no one dies. That the child we were supposed to have is waiting for us - or has incarnated with someone else that we know.

It's not opinion, theory or belief.  

It's based on thousands of clinical case studies from Dr. Helen Wambach, Dr. Brian Weiss and Michael Newton and the Newton Institute.  People report we come after the fourth month.  That's consistent throughout the reporting. In the 100 subjects I've filmed, all said the same.

So in this debate about what courts should or should do with women - the point is that if the Constitution guarantees life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - clearly that includes the right to healthy options about being alive.  Again - no reports of conscious energy coming prior to four months exist in the research.

Sorry if this offends people - or stirs them up. But more importantly, Luana and Will wanted to emphasize the idea of "standing up" or being creative, and using one's creativity to write - a play, a letter, a song - and use one's artistic abilities to change the paradigm.  To use one's creative talents to create the thing that will cause the change one seeks.  Be creative. Write the letter, the play, the film, the song that will bring about change.

Like I said, mind bending. 

This one should be called "Garbo Speaks from the Flipside!"

This is about as mind bending as our podcast gets.  But wait, there's more!

A week ago Sunday, I was doing a session with my pal Iris Libby of "AskIrisLibby.com" fame - I've known Iris most of my life, know her as a successful businesswoman, a pal, who happens to be an amazing astrologer.  I've filmed her during her hypnotherapy session training with Scott De Tamble, and some excerpts of her sessions appear in my books.

We had an experiment to try - speaking to her council.  But when the session began, she said "Houdini is here."  I said "Why?" And he proceeded to chat with us. I asked if he was surprised to meet anyone on the flipside, and he said "Greta Garbo."

That session I recorded, and will be part of a future book.  But this session with Jennifer was a follow up on that conversation, as noted during the podcast.

Jennifer had no idea that I had "spoken to Houdini and Garbo" a week earlier, as I told no one.  Besides, everyone I know wouldn't believe me anyway - so there's no point in telling anyone as it is.

However, I left it up to our moderator on the flipside as to whom we should speak with - and I'll let the podcast speak for itself.

Inevitably I get details wrong - or incorrect. I'm asking the questions, and an interview is only as good as the person who directs the conversation. However, Harry and Greta both offer new insights, new information about their journey and the flipside from their current perspective.

I have no other way to put it than "Garbo speaks from the Flipside!" "Houdini makes an appearance from the Flipside!"  I will repeat what they both said during the session with Iris, and I do repeat it in the podcast:

Harry, when asked if he had any message for humanity it was "Everything is an illusion."  When asked the same questions Garbo said "Matter is not matter, and matter doesn't matter." 

Neither one could I make up.

So sit back and enjoy the 101st podcast of a very unusual collaboration. JenniferShaffer.com is where you can find Jennifer or book oneself one of her public events, or book privately. RichMartini.com is where you can find links to films and books in many languages. MartiniZone.com is where you can find the video of this interview, and HackingTheAfterlife.com is the podcast.

Thanks for tuning in!

It's our 100th episode!  Whee!

Mind you, Jennifer and I started doing this together seven years ago.  So it's our ... you do the math ... episode after doing this weekly for seven years.

The other sessions are excerpted in the books BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE 1, 2 and 3 - or TUNING INTO THE AFTERLIFE.  https://www.audible.com/pd/Tuning-into-the-Afterlife-Audiobook/B09MG8Q5BH 

As we often do - since doing this for so long - I let the moderator of our class on the flipside direct our conversation.  My pal Luana Anders passed in 1996, and since then has been visiting me (and members of my family) since then.  Clearly hasn't gone anywhere. Brings us new information. 

She was a devout Buddhist, so in the general concept of the Boddhisattva vow - that we will return until everyone is "liberated" I'd say she's doing a heck of a job helping us with that.

But Luana is our "guide" on the flipside, who is in charge of the VIP list of who gets into our class to speak with us.  So when I asked "Who is on Luana's list?" I'm leaving it up to her to let us know what she wants to speak about.

In this case - it was about how to construct a dream, or the process of constructing a dream. In my case - I had this dream a few nights ago where I was "creating an object" on the flipside using intent and imagination alone.

Generally a couple of nights prior to our podcast I may have a dream that involves the flipside. I don't remember all of them, but sometimes I remember a key. In one instance it was the word "telegraph key" to point out that we are like telegraph keys here - and people on the flipside can "send signals" that we need to translate into concepts, words, etc.

Anyways - I'm just giving some context to another mind bending podcast. HAPPY 100TH EPISODE! 


A bit longer podcast today, talking about "Finding your voice."  As always, first we connect with Luana Anders on the Flipside, my friend who passed in 1996 who helps me and Jennifer to facilitate these conversations.  There's a conversation up front about that process and how we got started before we ask Luana to introduce the first guest on her list.

Elvis came forward to talk about "finding your voice." We didn't ask for him to come forward, but as fans of this podcast know, it's whomever has asked to speak to us. Could be someone we've interviewed in the past, could be someone that we both know, in this case, there are a number of people that come forward - personal friends and others.

He wanted to refer to a person's "voice" - that energy or frequency that relates to who they are over many lifetimes.  I asked Prince to comment on the recently found footage of him in Minneapolis, Jennifer wasn't aware of it - but Prince was an accurately describes what is in the clip.

My dearest friend Charles Grodin stopped by to talk about a couple of things, and weighed in about the recent Oscar telecast where the "in Memoriam" section was so convoluted, and the famous "slap heard round the world."  Interesting to note that Charles echoed what Denzel Washington said afterwards; "Who are we to judge?" Charles reminding us that "from the flipside we see things in terms of a person's overall journey - all of their lifetimes and how that translates into action in this lifetime."

Then Amelia Earhart stopped by for a chat. Jennifer didn't know that I was speaking about her recently in a surprise appearance on "Coast to Coast" in the middle of the night, and Amelia continued to encourage me to make a film about what really happened to her.   

Then a discussion about angels and "Pegasus."  Jennifer notes that she had recently gotten an email from someone involved in a case in Texas where she's helping law enforcement - and the contents of the email were about what seeing a "Pegasus" represents metaphorically.  It's about transportation - as we've heard from people who self identify as "angels."  

"The wings are a metaphor for travel between realms at the speed of thought."

Interesting discussion over all.  

For more information: JenniferShaffer.com - a list of the 9 books are at RichMartini.com, clips and links from the podcast are at MartiniZone.com - or the podcast itself is on Apple at HackingTheAfterlife.com 

PS: Six hours ago, Julian Lennon released this version of him singing his father's song "Imagine."  It was yesterday we recorded this session. Elvis used this song as an example of "finding your voice." Perhaps he was referring to this version of the song. Take a moment to enjoy this song, and think of the folks in Ukraine.



Today's podcast is about process. In our ongoing conversation with Luana Anders, our pal no longer on the planet but who moderates a classroom on the flipside, we asked her about process. How people are able to connect with their loved ones on the flipside, but from the perspective of someone on the flipside trying to reach out to someone here.

In today's conversations, Luana has Charles Grodin, TV producer Howard Schultz and others weigh in on the process.  We have guest appearances by Garry Shandling on the anniversary of his passing, who talks about the "venn diagram" of creating structures like golf courses on the flipside - a short chat with Marilyn about the recent Vanity Fair article about her relationship with RFK. 

There's also a chat with Dick Clark who stops by to chat about the process. It's all mind bending stuff, and again, we do our best to talk about the process. Buckle up, it's going to be a unusual journey.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  

Today we have an interesting chat with someone who self identifies as "the Librarian."  In this instance, he suggested we call him "Seven" as to avoid separation between us and him.  He says that he's the librarian for all the Akashic libraries - normally shows up as an ancient fellow who is about the size and demeanor of Yoda.

In the half dozen times I've chatted with him, via different people, each time he gives insight into the journey. In this case he self identifies as the "Librarian" of all Akashic libraries - not throughout all realms and universes, but the ones we might have access to.  He mentions that as a result of that, he's connected to all of us - at least on a frequency level.

It's an unusual talk - and is in line with our other mind bending conversations with him (listed as "five" at MartiniZone.com).  All I can say is, whoever shows up, we try to ask as many questions as we can.

Happy wearing of the green.

We had our first guest on our podcast - first guest that is still on the planet that is! I had the good fortune to take a class with Robert Thurman at Columbia University back in the 90's. As noted in my talk at the Conference of Living and Dying recently via Tibet House, I was working for Charles Grodin on his talk show when I audited this class in philosophy. It led me to study Tibetan philosophy - Buddhism in particular, which I find to be a peerless philosophy. Robert is an author of many excellent books about Buddhist philosophy, including but not limited to "Inner Revolution" and beautiful translation of the "Bardo Thodol" in the "Tibetan Book of the Dead." His book "Circling the Sacred Mountain was instrumental in my own trip to Mt. Kailash with him in 2004. I've had the privilege to travel with him and his wife Nena to Ladakh, and then later a trip across Tibet where I filmed the journey for a documentary on YouTube "Journey Into Tibet with Robert Thurman." https://youtu.be/MqbG_RY4eiY Robert is one of the wisest, most insightful humans I've met - it's a privilege for him to appear on our podcast. He recently became aware of this podcast during my talk for the Conference, so it was his suggestion he come on to see if he could communicate with anyone "no longer on the planet." It was in that spirit we tried this experiment. As Jennifer notes, she isn't aware of his life or journey outside of knowing he's the father of Uma, and that he's a Buddhist scholar. He's a passionate speaker, and at the moment clearly wanted to express his dismay over the war in Ukraine, and his solidarity for the people who are suffering, as well as the suffering of the Russians who want no part in killing their neighbors. My apologies for playing the role of moderator here - to keep us on track to speak to people on the flipside who might want to speak to Robert. As noted - I texted Jennifer and said Robert wanted to come on the podcast, and she replied "His mentor wants to talk to him." (Jennifer had no idea who that would be.) Later she texted "His mom really wants to talk to him." Then "Steve Jobs told me that he knows him." We didn't get to Robert's mom, but we did get to the other two. For the skeptics in the audience, allow me to say "this podcast isn't for you." That's fine - skepticism is healthy - we can't really understand skydiving until we jump out of the plane. For those who are devout Buddhists who may find this disconcerting, I can vouch that Robert has spent his whole life sharing the dharma, Buddhism across the globe. I recall a monk coming up to us in Tibet, in a cave, outside the view of the soldiers in the courtyard and saying "thank you americans for remembering us." I heard him whisper it in English in Robert's ear - the comment brought me to tears. "Thank you for remembering us." The same can be said of those who are no longer on the planet. "Thank you for remembering us." This podcast is dedicated to remembering those who have gone before us - one can imagine that everything that is said in this podcast is subconscious information, but I suggest looking for new information that could not be cryptomnesia - something someone heard or read. Jennifer is not trying to prove there is an afterlife, she works with law enforcement agencies daily helping people with details to solve cases (the investigators consider it a way to gain new information that turns into evidence). We do this podcast in the same vein - consider this as gathered intelligence that point to a greater truth. It may very well be that we are pulling these concepts out of thin air - but after having filmed people accessing this information for over ten years, 100s of examples indicate otherwise. As always with any insight, we hope that sharing this information heals someone who is in need of healing, sharing this information helps people who need help, sharing these concepts help people to open their minds to the possibility that life continues on and if so, it makes sense for us to learn something new from those no longer with us. After all, the love doesn't die - they still care about us as we did then, it's only we who stop caring about them by pretending we cannot hear them. I can't help but reflect on how my friend Luana's passing led me to Robert's class, which led me to Tibet and India, which led me to this podcast, which led me to this episode. The "red string" of our lives continues on. I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we did making it. Love love. For more information about Robert and Tibet House, see thus.org . His books, lectures and teachings are priceless - find more about him at BobThurman.com For more information about Jennifer, she's at JenniferShaffer.com - I'm at RichMartini.com - for those who are first time viewers, buckle up - to quote bob's pal; "we are all just walking each other home."

Fifteen minutes before our podcast I learned that one of my closest pals on the planet had left the planet.  Sally was best friends with Luana Anders, they traipsed around Hollywood together, lived together, stayed best friends for both of their lives.  Sally's husband Jonathan Krane was my champion - produced three films that I directed, believed in me as no other person in Hollywood has.

He was John Travolta's manager.  He also ran a mini studio, pioneered a number of innovative ways of financing and making feature films.  He was behind hit films like "Look Who's Talking" and other John Travolta films.  

Sally was an oscar nominated actress (MASH) who worked often with Robert Altman, who was beloved by man - as noted in the podcast, dated Henry Kissinger.  She had three children - one was her sister's whom she adopted, Claire, and the other two were also adopted Hannah and Jack.  Of course the flipside research shows that people "seek out their parents" even when they're born to someone else.

It's unusual for me to do a podcast, so soon, without giving anyone the time to grieve. My apologies to those who feel that is the case. However, based on the research, I've learned that people who had dementia, as Sally did in her later years, are "already one foot out the door."  They literally leave a portion of their conscious energy behind to continue helping and healing others who take care of them. 

Sally was/is someone who gave of herself to her friends.  She was funny, witty, and I got to spend a year of lunches where I had her tape record her autobiography into a cassette player. The idea that having me ask her questions helped her recall events.  Another writer ghost wrote from those recordings her book "Hot Lips."  But I got a front row seat to some hilarious stories.

I mention two in this podcast.  

Suffice to say that a light in my life has left the building - but I do this podcast to show people how easy it is to contact their loved ones. It certainly helps to have someone as skilled as Jennifer to interpret what she's seeing... like seeing "Robert" and asking me if that referred to our friend Robert Towne, and me realizing she's hearing "Robert" because Altman was there to greet her.

Jennifer doesn't know anything about Sally's career, but I do. I'm going to miss her laughter, but I'm sure I'll be hearing more of it. Those who loved her will have their own memorials for Sally - and while this happened rather quickly, as you can see, I was born to ask questions about friends who are on the flipside.

And Jennifer, who works with law enforcement agencies daily on missing person cases, is generous enough to share her talents in this area.  It's an unusual way to present something - I know it - but this was an example I could not let slide.

The conference mentioned starts today, and tickets or the link is on my webpage RichMartini.com

Another unusual session - this time in Jennifer's office, completely unplanned.  In this session, or mentor on the flipside, Luana Anders, suggests that I prepare to speak at the Art of Living and Dying conference (see RichMartini.com for details) by visiting my own council.

We take a trip to visit my "council."  When I did my first hypnotherapy session for the film and book "Flipside" I met my council.  At the time, I didn't think I would "get anywhere" let alone have a conversation with a group of a advisors and teachers on the flipside, but in the 100 sessions I've filmed, people can and do have conversations with these wise beings who each person has their own version of.

We only had time to speak to two of the council members, but then Jennifer's attention was directed to my "higher conscious self."  Based on the research, we bring a portion of our conscious energy to a lifetime and the rest "stays home."  In this instance, Luana points out that the number of council members is not set in stone, nor is the fact that people learn more from each lifetime and are constantly changed, learning and growing.

It's mind bending to say the least, not something I've ever witnessed or participated in before - but as I point out in the podcast, something I often report, but have never had the experience of chatting directly with "my higher self."

For further info see RichMartini.com

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