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Richard Martini‘s podcast where he interviews people who can access the flipside. Jennifer Shaffer is a medium-intuitive he works with often (JenniferShaffer.com) but podcasts may include other folks who can access the flipside. For more info MartiniZone or RichMartini (com)

Another mind bending session.  As we start every podcast, I had no agenda or idea of whom we might speak with. In this case, Luana Anders, our moderator on the flipside, wanted to talk about a request I had made to her about helping someone.

Prior to the podcast, in a general conversation about how things are going, just prior to starting, I told Jennifer that a number of chaotic events were occurring, but did not mention anything about a dream or that I had asked Luana for help.  When Luana came through and said "We got your message and the answer was given" - Jennifer did not know, could not have known that when I made this request in my head 'Luana I need your help" she said "I got it."  Before I could think of what I wanted to hear from her - before I could finish the question.  "Luana I..."  and I heard "I got it."

That's the process.  You make a request to loved ones on the flipside and if they can help they will.

Then Tom Petty came forward to expand upon that idea.

For those not familiar with how Tom could be in our podcast and we don't make a big deal about it - it's because he was the one who came up with the idea of calling our book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside." We have three and the fourth is "Tuning into the Afterlife."  Transcripts of our chats with the flipside.

In his case, he came through because he wanted to pass a message along to his family - it was very specific. At the time I said "I don't know anyone from your family" and he replied "you'll figure it out." I did figure it out, send along his message - his family member said "Every day I wish I could converse with Tom, and I don't think you're doing so."

Which is fine - it's not my job to prove anything to anyone, but to pass along information if I'm asked to do so.  Tom is always welcome because he's the one who gave us the concept that there is a "line around the block" of people who want to get into our class, use Luana's ability to help translate thoughts so that Jennifer can hear them.

Like those old offices they used to have in Europe, where if you wanted to make a call from Rome, you had to go to the "long distance" operator in an office building, and place the call from a booth.

Anyways, then Jennifer saw an image of someone named "Chris" and I associated it with not the person she saw, but with a friend of a friend who has had some health issues.  I asked if "Chris" was going to be okay.  Now, to let the audience know - if she had said "no" - I would have edited that out of the podcast. I'm not here to disrupt anyone's path - but if the answer is "yes" - as it was, I'm happy to include it.

Anyone can reach out directly to Jennifer for help and advice. JenniferShaffer.com - and as she points out on the podcast, she has a "Wine and Spirits" group where everyone gets to speak to their loved one in a public setting. I've attended a couple and they are amazing. She's very good at what she does when not helping law enforcement on a pro bono basis.

Oh and finally Hira, Robert Towne's dog with a message about pets being always connected to their owners from the flipside. Hira also appears in BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE.


Jennifer and I can't swing the podcast this week - both have kids off to college, so I've dug into the archives for two podcasts a year apart. It just so happen that two years ago, this very week, my old pal Bill Paxton showed up to chat with us.

and then a year later showed up again! Same week.

So in honor of Bill, in honor of the process, in honor of the podcast, I'm repeating two in a row.

One from September 16 2020, and the next from the same week in 2021.

There are plenty of sessions we've filmed over the past seven years - and now here we are in our second year of podcasts.

We appreciate everyone tuning in, and hope that the world is spinning in your favor.


This is another example of the unusual work that Jennifer and I have been doing for seven years.  In this podcast, I ask our moderator on the flipside, Luana Anders what she wants to talk about or if she has someone who wants to come forward to speak.

She begins by showing Jennifer a "toddler" - literally shows her an image of holding up a child.  Jennifer has no idea what that means, nor do I. Is she asking us to talk about a specific child on the flipside? A specific child on this side? Or about some form of process or how the flipside works?

Luana said she wanted to talk about "process."  Which is my way of saying "It's not a specific person per se, but how the process works." She then made Jennifer aware of the topic of how stressed children are... Jennifer assumed she meant "these days, post pandemic."

I did the same, because it is a topic in universities and schools - how distracted people are coming back to school, how the multitasking, multi-focus of social media has "driven some people crazy" making it harder to focus on any particular topic.  How the trauma and stress of the past two years - and the fears involved, are affected students and children alike.

However, that is not what Luana was only talking about. And neither Jennifer nor I knew why she had brought the topic up until the very end of the podcast.

Then she mentioned seeing "James Dean." For those not familiar with the podcast, that's going to be an odd comment - for those who've read "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" they know that he's shown up before. Not only has he shown up, but he revealed to Jennifer that he's already "reincarnated" or returned to the planet.

That means that "a portion of his conscious energy" has returned to the planet. I asked him questions about that, and he revealed the person that he's come back as. Jennifer didn't know his name - but based on James' description, I guessed who he was referring to. 

And then I texted the best friend of this person - meaning I know the person he's "come back as" and know his best friend well enough to text him and ask "Hey, has anyone approached our mutual friend and said he was the reincarnation of someone?" And he texted back "JAMES DEAN." And said "His whole life this has happened."  

Took me a couple of years but I finally put this person in Jennifer's orbit - filmed them having a conversation, filmed his reports of having memories of being Dean his "whole life" - and how others knew it as well.  Suffice to say he hasn't "come out of the closet" because he's had a very successful happy life and career. He has no need to reveal that aspect of his life - and I must respect it - even it if meant "proof that life goes on."  We've learned that's not something for everyone - but it is for those who experience it.

But I asked him if that was why he showed up to the podcast today, to talk about that journey - and he said "No." He wanted also to talk about the process. About how "being aware that life goes on can help people to not end their lifetimes here." That leaving early, while he didn't leave the planet deliberately - but being aware that those who have left the planet can help us is something he wanted to convey.

And then, finally, Jennifer asked Luana "Am I getting this right? Why did you show me holding up a child?"  And Luana answered "because it's the first week of school. Of kids going back to school." 

So everything in this podcast is about lessening the stress of that event - for parents obviously, to open up and listen to their children, to know that there are folks on the flipside who care equally about the mental health and experience of our children, their grandchildren, nephews, nieces - and they want us to allow them to help.

Mind bending.

Jennifer and I improvise each week, asking who it is on the flipside wants to chat with us. Luana Anders is our moderator on the flipside, and whoever wants to come through is up to her.

Her mentioning this woman "Magda" in terms of a book I'm writing, an interview I did with a woman who was able to access this Magda, who claimed to be a Praetor's wife in the cabinet of Herod in the time of Jesus was pretty unusual. 

A note here to say that I've never heard of the word Praetor that I'm aware of, I don't know what it means, but as I was typing this description the word came to mind "Praetor's wife" - which means according to Wikipedia: Praetor ( Classical Latin: was the title granted by the government of Ancient Rome to a man acting in one of two official capacities: (i) the commander of an army, and (ii) as an elected magistratus (magistrate), assigned to discharge various duties."

I've heard of the Praetorian guard, but I assumed they only guarded Caesar, and as such the word Praetor is completely unknown to me. But it popped into my head.

Magda Archelaus - I don't know if she was married to Herod, or just someone in his cabinet - but in the research I'd done on the name, I looked up Herod Archelaus. (Famed during the era).  The interview I did with her was mind bending, as she claimed to be privy to events that led to the Crucifixion as well as the recovery of the body of Jesus, and those who attended to him - trying to heal him with aloe and myrrh (also reported in the Bible.)

Luana suggests I dig deeper.  (I had stopped digging after including the article in this book I've written about accounts of Jesus from the flipside perspective.)  I shall endeavor to do some more digging.

Robin Williams came in to talk about process - and indeed, mentioned this woman who reached out to me who had a conversation with him after our mentioning him recently.  She got this idea of a "granny award" or the role of granny - which I at first assumed meant Mrs. Doubtfire, but according to this conversation, may be the one where he played the role of a Granny onstage for Andy Kaufman in the 1970's.  Pretty funny stuff.

As always, enjoy the podcast as an example of how simple it is to reach out to one's loved ones. 


A short podcast today as Jennifer was juggling a number of things including her mom being in the hospital.  We all wish her mom a speedy recovery from hurting her hip!

Today's podcast deals a bit with grief, and the process of helping people recover from grief.  Jennifer's dad Jim passed some years ago, and he's always got an interesting perspective when it comes to helping people with grief.

He was the one who told us "try to move grief to nostalgia."  Neither of us understood what that meant, and he explained (through Jennifer) that "grief is mostly sad memories and nostalgia has both sad and happier memories. When you can move grief to nostalgia you can begin the healing process."

It also helps to realize that this new information is coming from someone no longer on the planet. So there's that - getting new information from someone we love who is no longer here.  Which proves to the person who is getting the new information that life goes on.

Prince showed up, as he had in the past - and because someone complained about us "always having celebrities" I'm afraid I may have cut short what he had to say, because of my comment about "getting insight from Prince instead of an average Jane and Joe."

Not to say that he didn't give us advice, but instead of just asking his opinion from his new perspective, I got caught up in saying "they don't have to access you to get this information, do they?"  It's my way of repeating what we've heard constantly - there is no hierarchy on the flipside, but people are so adamant that hierarchy exists, they can't hear advice from people no longer on the planet because they're judging them as "a celebrity."

Apologies to Prince if I cut him off.  We also discuss a bit about the process of accessing our loved ones on the other side, and then Jennifer had to depart to continue her work which includes pro bono work for law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases.

We've been doing this weekly for over seven years, so I have to let it be whatever it is in terms of what the folks on the flipside want to impart on our podcast.

We'll see her hopefully next week!

In the meantime say hello to whomever it is that wants to say hello.  Could be an old friend, a relative who sent you here to hear this session.


We're back after a two week hiatus.  In this podcast we chat with my dearly departed brother, for whom we had a memorial service this past week.  Jennifer was there, as well as some fans of the podcast.

In today's podcast, Jennifer announces that Olivia Newton John wants to chat with us.  For those who've never tuned in before (or their last time ever tuning in) we have a group of individuals on the flipside who have spoken to us before. They are mentioned briefly in the podcast, including our moderator Luana Anders and her best friend Sally Kellerman. 

Sally's husband was Jonathan Krane, John Travolta's manager, my pal and producer of three of my films (including the short film, he's reminding me.)  I met Olivia at their home one night of Mulholland, and as noted, Randal Kleiser, the director of Grease and I went to visit Sally in the retirement home where she spent her final years - oblivious because of Alzheimer's, but completely in the moment whenever we brought her chocolate.

She's another example of someone who while not aware in person, is completely aware on the flipside of everything we do for them here.  Jennifer and I have spoken to the "higher selves" of a number of folks who had it prior to passing.

Olivia talks about what it was like crossing over, who greeted her, what the experience was like - and if it was what she expected.  I'm sorry I didn't ask for a message for her daughter Chloe - but suffice to say it's better for her to have a private conversation in her own fashion, meditation or perhaps giving someone like Jennifer a call.

We have passed along messages in the past - and sometimes I've had to edit them out of the podcast due to their being private conversations.  In this case, I'm sorry I didn't ask her specifically for a message for her daughter - as they were close.

But if she shows up again, I will.

Also Robin Williams stopped by - it's the 8th anniversary of his crossing, and he reminds us to celebrate life in his own unusual way. 

Another one of those mind bending sessions.

We open with a discussion about an unusual recent event, where my old friend Melinda Germann came through to give a climate warning to my friend Patrice.  Patrice and Melinda were best pals and went to Santa Cruz together. I met Melinda at the Loyola Rome Center and she was the light of everyone's eye - funny, sweet and just a delight to be around. 

However she died in a plane crash a few years later - and since then, has visited Patrice a number of times, and myself as well (in dreams.)  A few days ago, Patrice texted me about some visuals that Melinda was sending her - that for some would be a "warning" of impending disaster.  Like forest fires, tsunamis - etc.  

Living on the West Coast one lives with those possibilities, so I wanted to know if this was an immediate threat or something in general. (As if that made a difference!)  Yes, we are in an immediate threat of losing our beloved planet - due to human behavior. Yes, she wants people to pay attention to climate change and do everything one can to save the planet.  But no, it's not happening next week.

I admit I forgot about James Caan passing only two weeks ago - so many beloved folks checking off the planet. And because Luana Anders, our moderator on the flipside has a connection with James via the Godfather (Luana's pal directed it, and her voice appears in it), it was thrilling to see Jennifer say that he'd shown up to chat.

The "Jimi Hendrix talk show" reference is more fully explored with the podcast with Charles Grodin - a veteran of decades of talk shows, I was with him often backstage in the green room - and he went into an elaborate description of what it was like to cross over and find oneself doing a "life review" in front of an audience, and Jimi Hendrix being the talk show host!  It's mind bending, but we've talked about this before.

We've asked Jimi about it - and he has repeated the concept that he likes to help participate, everyone recognizes him instantly, so he provides a "soft landing."  All I can say is that everything James says here is repeated in the hypnotherapy or meditation research, in "Tuning into the Afterlife."

It was thrilling to hear him stop by.

Another example of how we don't plan our podcasts - we could, we can, but in this case, we just let Luana Anders, our moderator on the flipside dictate who was going to chat with us.

First up was Jennifer's dad Jim, the Mormon bishop who passed five years ago, who had in the past showed us some amazing things on the flipside, including an Akashic library (I asked him to access a memory that Jennifer had no awareness of - and he showed her an event she had forgotten). 

Jim has shown us the astrophysics class he attends on the flipside a few times, and I've had the opportunity to interview his teacher (who some folks on the planet refer to as Ma Durga.)  

So when he shows up to chat, I do my best to ask questions that might have some resonance to what we discuss - the process of accessing information from the flipside. It's Jim's birthday during the podcast, and we take the time to say Happy Birthday Jennifer's dad Jim. 

Towards the end, three people who I met in life showed up - one was and is a close friend, Charles Grodin, who brought along with him two of his close friends. Gene Wilder (who helped start Chuck's career) and his wife Gilda Radner.  Now for those who are up on these kinds of things, yes Gene was remarried - and yes, he did have Alzheimers late in life - but that has zero to do with accessing the energy of who they are.

I'm sorry they showed up at the end of our podcast, as Jennifer did have to move on to helping her clients.  Suffice to say, I know that Charles has shown up in the past, we've interviewed both Gene and Gilda in the past - and those interviews are in the books BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE as well as a "workbook" to help anyone do this same kind of "chatting with the flipside."

Jennifer's off to Montana this week, hopefully we'll be back next week, but either way - remember, your loved ones are not far away, and it doesn't require a medium, hypnotherapy or meditation to access them - but all can and do help.

I'll be on Coast to Coast with George Noory this Monday evening, July 18th, 2022, so if you want to hear more info, tune in!


Another unusual podcast. For those viewing it on MartiniZone.com - there was a fly in the ointment - a glitch in the file that occurred every few minutes - so a number of things were dropped.  However, when possible, I edited the piece together so it made sense.

For example, when Jennifer mentions Al Capone, she's trying to say "Marlon Brando in the Godfather." Later on in the conversation, I introduce the film that we went to see in Vegas, starring its most famous former resident.

We've spoken to Elvis before, a number of times - and listening to it back I realize that I interrupt Jennifer WAY TOO MUCH and not just let her speak on behalf of Elvis.  However, there are extended interviews with him, a couple in the books "BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE" as well as TUNING INTO THE AFTERLIFE.  

He also has shown up on the podcast, and as mentioned there's a 44 page document at RichMartini.com where I detail the amount of times we've spoken to him before.

All I can do is report.  Apologies for the glitches in the podcast, as well as portions that are out of synch (which is for the viewers of MartiniZone.com instead).

Glad to hear that our pals in class had gathered to celebrate David Patlak's birthday. Truly one of a kind - a gem of a person.  I'm not remembering that she said Charles Grodin was also in attendance - and was hanging out with us in Vegas. Chuck was particularly fond of David, as is everyone who meets him.

Happy Birthday Dave. 

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the film CONTACT, I'm reposting our interview with Carl Sagan. FOR A FULL ARTICLE SEE RICHMARTINI.COM

We first interviewed him in the book BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE 3, along with other atheists, skeptical scientists. Thought it would be a fun exercise. I'm editing those interviews into a document which I will post on medium and richmartini.com - so people can see the full interviews with Carl. The point of this post is that indeed - we demonstrate CONTACT with people no longer on the planet. Further, we've demonstrated that people who normally incarnate on other planets are just as likely to show up - and I've interviewed a number of those folks in the book ARCHITECTURE OF THE AFTERLIFE. So I'm just calling it what it is. We CONTACT Carl Sagan - he and his wife wrote the original script, then it was a book - and of course everyone who knew Carl knew that he was adamant that there was no God nor an afterlife. We are not disagreeing with him. "God is beyond the capacity of the human brain to comprehend, it's not physically possible to do so" we heard from a guide on the flipside in the book IT'S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE. "God" in this research is not referred to as a religious figure, or a concept that requires "faith" or belief - as the guide put it "You can experience God if you open your heart to everyone and all things." That's not a religious concept - some will take it that way, but it's a formula to experience "God." That is - consciousness. The kingdom of heaven is within because consciousness is within - and is in all things. So the three interviews with Carl will be posted at Medium or RichMartini.com as soon as I'm done editing them. But in honor of the Carl Sagan, this is our third interview with him - caught live on our podcast. The producer of Contact mentioned that she found it surprised we'd claim to "speak to him" since he had not reached out to his family and friends in the past. The research is consistent in that regard - it's filters on the brain. Those who bypass the filters (people can use mediumship, hypnotherapy or meditation to bypass the filters) are able to access, learn new information from people no longer on the planet. But not just to prove they exist. But to get information from them - new information that may help save our planet. It's not opinion, theory or belief that these folks all say the same things about the journey - it's in the research, the data, the footage and this podcast. I'm sorry for those who adamant that he doesn't exist - he says the same thing in Chapter 20 of "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3" "I was convinced there was no afterlife, so I spent a lot of time wandering before I realized where I was." It's a common refrain - if someone is convinced, believes a specific thing will happen (hell, heaven, nothing) that's what they experience at first. Takes awhile for them to realize where they are. (This isn't my opinion, we've heard it multiple times, I've filmed many saying the exact same things.) Take a look at HackingTheAfterlifeFilm.com for an example of what it was like for atheist, skeptic Harry Dean Stanton to realize there actually was an afterlife after he argued about it. "Believe in the possibility of an afterlife" he said to us prior to his memorial a week after his passing, "So then you won't waste another minute of your life arguing about it like I did." Carl repeats this admonition - for those convinced he doesn't exist they will not be able to connect with him. For those who consider the possibility that he exists, are more likely to be able to communicate. As I'm fond of saying, "As your pal to sit across from you. Say their name. Ask them questions (you don't know the answers to). When you get a response BEFORE you can ask the question you'll know you've made a connection." Happy birthday to Jennifer!!!!

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